I am variously known as cruise, Jesters Ghost or Harlequynne depending on how late to the party I was when I signed up to the website or game :P

I'm a programmer and game-player (both video and board variety), and (very) amateur writer and game designer.

Wyte Dragon

Originally going to be the website for my computer game company I was starting with a friend from University. That sadly never happened, but now I'm spending a lot of time designing table-top games, it will be re-purposed..


My OSS C and Python utilities and libraries. Xenogamy means cross-fertilisation, and since a lot of my projects are intended to provide simple, combined API's for otherwise disperate tasks, I coined this domain.


Transference.org was intended as a speculative-fiction e-zine, founded by a few like-minded individuals from deviantArt.com. Eventually it will be resurrected as my personal writing site, whenever it is I get around to actually doing any writing...