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libconvey is a small UI abstraction layer library that takes the fuss out of writing basic user-interfaces.

If you just need to popup a few dialogs or select a file to open, then libconvey will do just that, via the users preferred UI library (currently supports Motif, GTK2 and QT4), through one simple, consistent interface.


Both bz2 and gzip compressed tarballs of the latest version are available. For Gentoo users, there's also an ebuild available (add motif, gtk2 or qt4to your use flags). RPM and DEB versions hopefully coming soon.

If using the tarballs, simply unpack them, cd into the envoy directory created, and issue the usual:

make install

sequence (rembering to do the last as root).


API Reference

Simple Tutorial

Advanced Tutorial

libconvey installs a pkgconfig file, so using it should be as simple as calling PKG_CHECK_MODULES for convey in your configure.ac (assuming you're using automake/autoconf). This is the recommended method, since the libraries required vary depending on which widget library libconvey was compiled against.


This is still a beta-release, so if you encounter any bugs, or have any problems, please either let me know on the Envoy mailing list.

Thank you for showing an interest in libconvey, and I hope it proves useful.